The Top 6 Regional Supply Chain Risks You Should Be Aware Of

Top 6 business risks: #1 Business Interruption

2017 is considered to be a year of uncertainty, driven by growing concerns over political, legal and regulatory developments around the globe, thus driving concerns of increased supply chain risk.

What risks do companies fear?

According to the latest Allianz Risk Barometer, concerns about cyber incidents, macroeconomic developments and Fires are on top of the list of risks that companies fear. But what troubles businesses most are actual or anticipated losses from a business interruption.

Perils such as natural catastrophes and fires are the causes businesses fear most, but the nature of the risk is shifting increasingly towards non-damage events. The indirect impact of an act of terrorism or political violence are events that can result in large losses without causing physical damage. More of these types of events are expected to occur in future, according to the study.

Without further ado… here they are, the TOP 6 BUSINESS RISKS DIVIDED IN REGIONS.

top 6 business risks divided in regions

top 6 business risks divided in regions

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