Top 5 Risks 2017 | Automotive Industry Supply Chain

The rise of new technology and the shift from physical asset protection to intangible risks means enterprises have to adapt a new way of how to manage their risks, especially in their global supply chains and throughout their n-tier supplier network.

In today’s world, especially in the manufacturing and automotive industries, supply chain management is increasingly data driven. Intangible risks require a new breed of software to get real-time and 360 degree transparency across all tiers and the entire organization’s network.


Infographic: Top 5 Risks Automotive Industry Supply Chain

Here are the TOP 5 RISKS that manufacturing and automotive supply chain and procurement experts have to watch in 2017 and beyond.

Top 5 Risks Automotive Industry Supply Chain

Top 5 Risks Automotive Industry Supply Chain


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As a Key Account Manager Karsten Wunsch is responsible for Business Development in Bavaria and Baden Württemberg. Karsten is an Industry Expert for Supply Chain Risk Management in the European automotive sector and has successfully activated more than a dozen automotive customers within the last year. Karsten has a strong history within the procurement area and has worked for several providers of Supplier Relationship Management Systems before joining riskmethods.

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