Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

Dear riskbuster BLOG friends, 2016 is almost over. What a year it has been. More than 100,000 clicks on the blog not only surprised us but showed us that our work on the topic supply chain risk management seems to be valuable for you. To make this post even more valuable for you we included a lot of free premium content to download. But now… with no further ado, here are the top 10 blog posts of 2016.


Top 10 Blog posts of 2016


Top 10: Allianz Insurance Risk Barometer

Among other posts we started the year with an article about the Allianz Insurance Risk Barometer and the top 10 global business risks for 2016. Top rated risk in this report was risks related to Business Interruptions including Supply Chain Disruptions. Our Top 10 post to get you started.

Top 10 Blog posts of 2016

Top 10 Blog posts of 2016


Top 9: A series about regulations and how they affect SCRM

In February 2016 we were researching ‘REGULATIONS’ and how they would affect supply chain risk management. Our research was conducted based on discussions I had at a breakfast meeting with ecovadis and POOL4TOOL. This resulted in a highly interesting serious of 4 articles about how regulations and standards influence the global trade. The series of 4 articles was kicked-off with insights about the EU sustainability directive, followed by the new ISO 9001:2015 standard. The other two articles are about sanction controls and the Dodd Frank Act.

Top 8: Risk in the food supply chain – The BRC standard

Another hot topic of 2016, which – in our opinion – will create more stir in the coming years is the management of risk in the food supply chain. Christopher Kuche, our expert for this topic wrote an interesting article about the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Top 7: China ordered a temporary closure of 255+ factories prior to G20 summit

2016 also saw our risk intelligence team very busy in analyzing risks in China. The G20 summit was held in China in 2016. Nobody knew that the temporary closure orders of the government for 255+ factories in Shanghai took place 14 days ahead of the actual summit. And we were not talking small factories.

Top 6: Hanjin Shipping filed for receivership

And then on the last day of August in 2016 the world’s seventh-largest container shipping company Hanjin Shipping filed for receivership! You can read all about this far reaching event here. Make sure to watch the webinar as well.

Top 5: Volkswagen dispute with suppliers to cause disruptions at production plants

In 2016 we couldn’t complain about news in summer. Also Volkswagen made it in the news… again. A dispute with suppliers caused disruption at Volkswagen production plants in Germany.

Top 4: Is your supply chain ready for the Brexit?

We also got some news from the United Kingdom this year. The BREXIT is actually happening. Even though this doesn’t effect the jobs of procurement or supply chain expert just now, it for sure can have implications in the near future. Are you ready for the Brexit?

Top 3: ROI of Supply Chain Risk Management – Free Download

For those of you who are planning on implementing a supply chain risk management solution next year; here is an interesting article including a download link for a free whitepaper on the ROI of Supply Chain Risk Management.

Top 2: Risk Radar – near real-time monitoring of your supply chain

One of the most successful pieces we created was a video that explains how a near real-time Risk Radar solution would suit your office, converting it in sort of a war room for real-time monitoring of your global supply chain.

Top 1: Top of the list and our number one blog post

And the Top 1 of our list and most well received article/piece of content was our wrap-up about our recent Webinar with Titleist. If you are a golfer you might know this company as among other products they supply you with golf balls. This webinar is highly recommendable as you will learn how they leverage modern supply chain risk management technology to model their entire supply chain including Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, shipping ports and other key factors. You can download the webinar and the slides for free here:


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Heiko Schwarz is the Founder and Managing Director of riskmethods, responsible for Sales, Marketing and Business Development. Heiko has been working in the software business for 16 years, with 13 years in different areas of the strategic purchasing market. He has excellent knowledge in procurement, supply management and risk management and has been successfully helping supply chain and procurement organizations implement solutions to increase performance, reduce costs and minimize risks.

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