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Every once in awhile a truly game-changing piece of technology comes around, and few changed the game more than GPS. Writing down directions ahead of time, misreading maps, desperately searching for road signs, fighting about missing road signs, wondering if you would hit traffic…how did we get around? But, what made GPS more than a ‘nice to have’ had little to do with driving: GPS became essential because of the convenience and brain-power it saved us. All of the focus and time spent mapping out journeys and navigating during them could now be spent on other things. If you thought easy to follow visuals and individualized real-times updates helped your driving, wait to see what they can do for your supply chain risk management efforts. Here you go: riskmethods TV is out now!

riskmethods TV

riskmethods TV


riskmethods TV – A broadcast of your supply chain risk

Like GPS, riskmethods TV shows you everything you need to know in an easily digestible format, harnesses Big Data to provide near real-time alerts, and saves you serious time and brainpower; but it does so much more. riskmethods TV displays your supply paths on an interactive world map and shows near real-time risk alerts and impacted areas in an intuitive format, so you can stop trying to figure out what’s going on and start mitigating the risk. Think of it as your own risk broadcast station in a Situation Room, giving your organization the current status of everything affecting your end-to-end supply chain. Instead of wasting hours or days trying to get your team on the same page, everyone instantly sees the situation and can get to work, saving you AND your colleagues time and brainpower.

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. For more information on riskmethods TV check out the key capabilities and benefits here. What will you do with your your free time and freed-up brainpower?

Since June, 2016, Alaina has been in charge of Product Management at riskmethods. She evaluates innovative ideas and customer feedback and brings the most valuable concepts into development. After completing a master’s degree in Media Management, Alaina gained expertise by working in product development teams to build both consumer-facing and customer-focused web applications for international markets.

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