riskmethods partners with Accenture to bring ‘Rapid Risk Visibility’ Solution to market

riskmethods partners with Accenture

A strong partnership to deliver analytics-powered consulting and cutting-edge technology, quickly: We are thrilled to announce that riskmethods is teaming up with Accenture to help enterprises fast track their risk management initiatives. Below is a condensed interview with riskmethods Managing Director Heiko Schwarz and Francois-Xavier Bourbigot, Accenture’s Capability Network Sourcing & Procurement Managing Director.

riskmethods partners with Accenture

riskmethods partners with Accenture


What motivated you to engage the partnership?

Francois: At Accenture, we help our customers with data-driven consulting and by providing them with analytics-driven actionable business insights and benchmarks. In order to do this though, we need high-quality data, and lots of it. Today, we cannot rely on theory and gut-feeling, the information we use cannot be static and outdated. We need access to real-time supply data, and after a thorough analysis we identified that riskmethods is key to make this happen.

There was also a personal element in our decision to partner with riskmethods, namely that they quickly became trusted advisors. Their combined decades of experience gave them unique insights into the industry, and the collaboration flowed naturally.

Heiko: For years (even before we founded riskmethods) the market was telling us that there were two major aspects missing in risk management: technology and methodology. There was no technology that could monitor complex global supply chains in near real-time, and even if there had been, there was no methodology on what to do with that information. Well, fast-forward a few years and riskmethods has taken care of the digital gap and Accenture has taken care of the methodology gap. Given the synergies of our businesses and the demand from the market, how could we not partner together?

How will people benefit from the partnership?

Francois: Not only will clients receive tangible, concrete results including a comprehensive picture of their supply network risk profile, analysis and prioritization of identified risks, and expert recommendations, but they will receive them in about 6 to 8 weeks. The procurement world was rather used to six month pilots and lengthy implementation projects, but with riskmethods’ game-changing technology, we can have a sustainable risk management program up and running in a much shorter timeframe. It is a great way for companies to jump-start their supply risk management capability

Heiko: Within 6 weeks, which is, by the way, 90% faster than everything previously, you will have near real-time data on the risks facing your end-to-end supply chain and the guidance of Accenture’s experts on how to best use that information, plus recommendations on how to align risk management within existing processes, organizational and capability setups. Every supply chain is unique with differing thresholds and types of risks, but our technology and Accenture’s commitment to finding an approach that works for you will have you proactively mitigating risk in a matter of weeks.


If you would like to learn more about the partnership and our Risk Visibility Solution, please register here for our joint webinar with Accenture on September 7th.

Ali Jawin joined riskmethods to grow riskmethods’ presence in North America. Ali has a proven track record of success during her the several years’ experience marketing SaaS solutions to Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies in the United States. She guides North America’s multi-channel marketing activities and works closely with Sales to provide appropriate educational content for the market.

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