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Eberhard Raue

After Studies of Engineering and Business Administration in his Engineering Career Mr. Raue held managing positions in Companies such as Du Pont, Dillinger Stahlbau, Grillo AG. In his Career in Marketing and Sales Mr. Raue has held leader ship positions in Companies like Xerox, General Dynamics, Beta Systems, Lockheed, Oracle and SeeBeyond. Mr. Raue founded Global Business Partners, a Mergers & Acquisition Company, mainly focusing on the axis Europe - Asia Pacific. He also founded Beta Systems S. E., Worldwide Marketing of System Software to the IBM Mainframe community. Since 2001 Mr. Raue is focusing as an Interims Manager at Business Development in the field of “Enterprise Risk- and Performance Management” by working jointly with leading and entrepreneurial organizations providing software products, solutions and services in that field. Products and solutions cover areas such as Enterprise Risk Management, Supply Chain Risk Management, Operational Risk Management, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Business Process Management and Change Management.